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Stage compatibility: screws onto Mad City Labs NZ100/200/500-N mounted on Nikon Ti or Ti2 motorized and mechanical XY stage - comes with Sliding Lid
Magnetic interchangeable inserts allow to use:
  • 35/60 mm Petri
  • 1x3 in. / 1x2 in. chambered slides
  • 6-12-24-48-96 MW plates
  • Sliding lid for easy pipetting
  • Optional lids available for Kohler Illumination, Laser Safety, Injection during imaging
  • Flexible chamber height thanks to the removable chamber riser and the optional Koheler Lid
  • Magnets allow easy interchange chamber inserts
  • It contains also an insert for oil immersion imaging
  • Magnetic locks hold Petri, Slides and MW in correct position inside the chamber
H301-K-FRAME - slided_480x320.JPG
H301-NIKON-NZ100/200/500-N - slim profile 

Koehler illumination ?

Remove the chamber riser and use the Koehler Lid

H301-NIKON-NZ100/200/500-N - perfusion holes

Perfusion ?

Each chamber features up to 12 holes for inlet and outler of perfusion tubings

Chamber Inserts and Sample Locks - magnetic

Different sample holder ?

Change the chamber insert. It is a 5 seconds task with the magnetic sample holders

Keep the sample in the correct position by using the Magnetic Locks



Available Inserts

6MW 6 well plates 6-MW.JPG
12MW 12 well plates 12-MW.JPG
24MW 24 well plates 24MW.JPG
48MW 48-well plates 48MW.JPG
96MW 96-well plates. 96MW.JPG
MW-OIL Open frame to image multi well plates with oil immersion objectives MW-OIL.JPG
1x35-M #1 35mm Petri-dish 1x35-M.JPG
1xGS-M #1 1x3in. chamberslide 1xGS-M.JPG
1xLABTEK-M #1 Lab-Tek 1x2 in. chambered cover glass 1xLABTEK-M.JPG
1xLABTEK-II-M #1 Lab-Tek II 1x2 in. chambered cover glass 1xLABTEK-II-M.JPG
1x60-M #1 60mm Petri-dish 1x60-M.JPG
1xT25-M #1 Nunc and Greiner T25 flask 1xT25-M.JPG
2x35-M #2 35mm Petri-dish 2x35-M.JPG
2xGS-M #2 1x3in. chamberslides 2xGS-M.JPG
2xLABTEK-M #2 Lab-Tek 1x2 in. chambered cover glass 2xLABTEK-M.JPG
2xLABTEK-II-M #2 Lab-Tek II 1x2 in. chambered cover glass 2xLABTEK-II-M.JPG
2x60-M #2 60mm Petri-dish 2x60-M.JPG
4x35-M #4 35mm Petri-dish 4x35-M.JPG
GS35-M #1 1x3in. chamberslide and #2 35mm Petri-dish GS35-M.JPG
LABTEK-35-M #1 Lab-Tek 1x2 in. chambered cover glass and #2 35mm Petri-dish LABTEK-35-M.JPG
LABTEK-II-35-M #1 Lab-Tek II 1x2 in. chambered cover glass and #2 35mm Petri-dish LABTEK-II-35-M.JPG
LABTEK-60-M #1 Lab-Tek 1x2 in. chambered cover glass and #1 60mm Petri-dish LABTEK-60-M.JPG
LABTEK-II-60-M #1 Lab-Tek II 1x2 in. chambered cover glass and #1 60mm Petri-dish LABTEK-II-60-M.JPG
GS60-M #1 1x3in. chamberslide and #1 60mm Petri-dish GS60-M.JPG
6035-M #1 60mm Petri-dish and #1 35mm Petri-dish 6035-M.JPG

Available LIDs

H301-KOEHLER LID Glass lid that reduces the height of the chamber and allows to work under Koehler illumination. Minimum condenser working distance (without chamber riser): 22mm H301-KOEHLER-LID.JPG
H301-INJECTION-LID Glass lid with two small openings (sealed with flexible plastic) to allow injection or permanent access to the specimen Note: compatible only with specimen holder 1x35 H301-INJECTION-LID.JPG
H301-LASER-INTERLOCK-LID Glass lid with a safety switch that connects to the laser box. The switch turns off the laser, when the lid is lifted Note: compatible only with specimen holder 1x35 H301-LASER-INTERLOCK-LID.JPG
H301-NIKON-NZ100-200-500-N-[SLIDING LID]-[Exploded].jpg
H301-NIKON-NZ100/200/500-N with Sliding Lid
H301-NIKON-NZ100-200-500-N-[KOEHLER LID]-[Exploded].jpg
H301-NIKON-NZ100/200/500-N with Koehler Lid
H301-NIKON-NZ100/200/500-N - Available Lids
H301-NIKON-NZ100/200/500-N with Sliding Lid - Dimensions
H301-NIKON-NZ100/200/500-N with Koehler Lid - Dimensions
H301-NIKON-NZ100/200/500-N - 6MW Plate - requires chamber riser

H301-NIKON-NZ100/200/500-N - Magnetic Inserts
H301-NIKON-NZ100/200/500-N - Magnetic Insterts
H301-K-FRAME-[MAGNETIC LOCKS]_600x600.jpg
H301-NIKON-NZ100/200/500-N - Magnetic Locks

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