H201-T-UNIT includes the Temperature Controller and the Air Heater and keeps the specimen at the desired temperature by controlling both flow rate and temperature of the Heating Air. Feedback to the T controller is provided either by enclosure temperature or by sample temperature.

  • Temperature Range: from 3°C above ambient to 40°C
  • Temperature Accuracy: ± 0.1°C
  • Intuitive Touch Screen Display - OKO-TOUCH
  • The Air Heater features a flow rate sensor and a T sensor
  • H201-T-UNIT-BL can operate in sample or enclosure feedback mode. Selection is performed by the operator via OKO-TOUCH
    • In Sample feedback mode, feedback is provided by the sensor placed inside the climate chamber, near the specimen
    • In Enclosure feedback mode, feedback is provided by the sensor placed inside the enclosure, near the microscope pillar
  • H201-T-UNIT-BL controls the Temperature and the Flow Rate of the heating air in order to achieve the desired temperature in the sample or in the enclosure (depending on the operation mode selected by the operator)
  • Double air input and output ensure best temperature uniformity inside the enclosure
  • Low energy consumption thanks to recycling of the heating air
  • A HEPA Filtering Box can be connected to the Air Heater for bacteria and dust filtration
  • Web operation through Smart Box
  • Compatible with: NIS Elements, Metamorph, Micromanager

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